Whole of organisation restructure of a leading organisation in health promotion and chronic disease prevention

The organisation was changing its strategic direction – establishing new focus areas, changing program objectives and shifting the way programs were funded and supported. It needed a contemporary organisational structure that would support the new directions.


Pinnacle Group Australia reviewed the existing structure then developed a set of design principles and a ‘straw man’ structure to generate discussion and debate among key executives through a series of consultations and half-day workshops. We analysed characteristics of the existing structure according to whether they aligned with the organisation’s strategic directions, producing a series of ‘keep’ or ‘change’ recommendations. We delivered a final report to the Board presenting a proposed structure and implications for implementation. The Board accepted the report recommendations.

The implementation stage involved:

  • designing functional and organisational specifications for individual business units
  • designing the management structure
  • identifying membership of the executive and management teams
  • delineating high-level roles, responsibilities and structures of individual teams and some individual, specialist positions.


Tightly aligned with the strategy, the organisation now has less hierarchical layers, more focused business units and teams, and individuals who can see the direct link to achieving the organisation’s strategy.

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