Development of vision and implementation road map as a growth platform for a global pharmaceutical company

Following a recent contractionary period, the client committed to a new growth strategy in order to propel it to the position of market leader in Australia within 10 years. A clear company mission had already been developed for the Australian division, while the global parent had recently confirmed its five-year strategic plan focused on corporate growth.

Within this context, a concise, high level vision that accurately captured the client’s aspirations was required to guide staff in the evolutionary and long-term growth process. This vision was intended to provide a guiding light for the client’s future growth mandate and, as such, the vision was intended to qualify the aspirations implicit in this growth.


The project was structured in two distinct phases: (i) vision development; and (ii) embedding the vision within the organisation’s leadership team.  Phase one of the project involved a variety of tasks ranging from interviews, consultations and workshops with the executive leadership team of the organisation. The information gathered during these processes informed the production of a ‘Roadmap and Plan’ to embed the client’s vision.

The Roadmap and Plan was then used to inform a rigorous process to support the implementation of the client’s vision. This process had three phases – planning with the client’s senior leadership to facilitate ideas generation and creative conversation for implementation; a creative think tank to ‘check in’ that the roadmap and subsequent planning was working with good effect; and working with the external affairs team to create strategies to embed the ideas resulting from the think tank.


This project delivered a number of critical outcomes to support the organisation’s growth agenda. They included:

  • A new vision that reflected the organisation’s 10-year growth agenda
  • A Roadmap and Plan that provided a clear pathway for the implementation of the vision throughout the organisation
  • Ongoing support and engagement to support the implementation and monitoring of the vision (over a period of a year)

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