Facilitating a consortium approach to the partners in recovery program

A new Commonwealth program, Partners in Recovery, supports people with severe mental illness and complex needs by coordinating the many services and supports they need and use. The Commonwealth Government kicked off implementation with an invitation to apply for program funding, with the clear expectation that interested organisations needed to work together in a collaborative, coordinated and integrated way.


Pinnacle Group Australia worked in three separate regions – two in Victoria and one in the Northern Territory – to design and facilitate a joined-up approach to developing the new program and apply for funding. We worked with interested mental health and community service organisations in each region to establish a consortium of between 10 and 20 providers. We designed and facilitated a structured process for the parties to collectively develop the program structure and care model, and the underpinning budget, systems and infrastructure.

Facilitating knowledge sharing and building trust and collaboration among the organistaions was central to the process, allowing tough decisions to be debated and agreed as the program design progressed.  The result was a comprehensive and high-quality joint application for Partners in Recovery funding from each consortium.


All three funding applications were successful, and the Partners in Recovery program launched in all three regions. The robust relationships and working arrangements developed during the application phase created a strong foundation for ongoing collaboration to deliver effective and coordinated care for these clients.

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