Our Services

We combine our expertise in business strategy with our human-centred approach and deep knowledge of what drives people, leaders, teams and organisational performance.

Our four core service areas are:

Leadership development

We use the latest research and science to design cutting-edge leadership development programs that harness human potential.

Whether face-to-face, virtual or hybrid these customised programs build holistic leadership capabilities and empower your people to drive organisational performance.

This includes:

  • Leadership development programs (all levels)
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership assessments and debriefs
Eco World

People solutions

We help organisations create great places to work and maximize the potential of their people.

This is about optimising team dynamics, helping people manage with change, fostering wellbeing and mental health, creating environments of belonging and inclusion, and ensuring people are thriving in the new hybrid working world.

This includes:

  • Team development
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Thriving in a hybrid world
  • Individual and team coaching


Our strategy services enable organisations to navigate complex environments and make the tough decisions so that they will prosper.

We work with you to develop your organisational ‘blueprint’; a clear picture of your future direction and a well articulated plan to get there.

This includes:

  • Organisation aspirations (purpose, vision, mission and values)
  • Strategy development and planning
  • Strategy implementation

Organisation design

Our organisation design services help to mobilise your strategy.

We partner with you to design the optimal organisation, including refining your operating model, reconfiguring your organisational structure, transforming your culture, and aligning your workforce capabilities, structures and processes.

This includes:

  • Operating model
  • Organisational structure
  • Culture and engagement

Additional expertise

We also offer the following expertise:

  • Board and executive team facilitation

    Skilled at solving complex problems with Boards and senior executive teams, combining our capability in strategy and team dynamics

  • Stakeholder engagement

    Expert approach and processes for engaging with and garnering stakeholder insight

  • Complex data collection and analysis

    Well-honed data collection methodologies supported by strong analytical capabilities

  • Online learning

    Learning modules customisable to client online learning systems

  • Change and transformation

    Expertise in developing change strategies and leading organisational transformation

  • Consultation (surveys, interviews, and focus groups)

    Refined consultation methodologies based on established research techniques

  • Large forum facilitation

    Reputation for large forum facilitation from 100 to 2000+ attendees

  • Diagnostics and assessments for people, teams and organisations

    Range of robust diagnostics that are statistically sound and readily applied to the modern workplace

Who we work with

We work with leading organisations across a range of industries in the private, government, health, education and not-for-profit sector including:


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