Strategy review and team development for a large national community services organisation

A large provider of community and disability services was undergoing a period of sustained organisational growth in the context of significant national reform in disability services, and engaged Pinnacle Group Australia for over a year on seven strategic projects to equip the organisation to adjust to the changing environment.


The first phase of work involved a full organisationsal review that drew on data analysis, extensive internal and external surveys, focus groups and in-depth stakeholder interviews. We identified several ‘hot spots’ or areas of risk and worked with the leadership team to prioritise improvement efforts. We designed specific solutions and implementation plans for each hot spot in a series of ‘solutions papers’. This included advice on the organisation’s mergers and acquisition process and its approach to engaging partners and leading consortiums to deliver programs. Another priority area was in the organisation’s senior leadership. We designed and delivered a leadership development program to enhance executive capability and skills to manage the rapidly changing environment.


The organisation has identified and is working towards a set of critical improvements to its operational and strategic capability. It has refined its performance goals based on a clear understanding of past performance, the expectations of its key stakeholders and its core capabilities. And it has enhanced the capacity and performance of its executive and senior management teams to lead the organisation through a time of change.

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