Verity Petratos


Verity is a consultant who is completing a masters of clinical psychology. As a provisional psychologist with experience in clinical work Verity is passionate about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace and supporting individuals, teams and organisations to reach their full potential. Verity works in a human-centric and inquisitive manner, approaching problems with curiosity and continually considering the people at the heart of it.

Background and experience:

Verity has diverse experience working across the public sector and not for profit organisations as a provisional psychologist in acute mental health settings. Verity employs evidence-based treatments and an empathetic approach to achieve the results for her clients. Verity’s other previous roles, as a project officer at headspace National and research assistant at Monash University, combine her knowledge and interest in mental health and wellbeing with research skills such as leading focus groups, collecting and analysing quantitative and qualitative data and reviewing literature. Verity has explored the utility of technology and online platforms to improve behaviour and treatment outcomes through her Honours and Masters research. Verity enjoys considering how innovation can be applied to improve upon existing systems and knowledge.

Inspired by:

Verity enjoys the reliable trio of exercising, reading and cooking in her free time. On weekends, she travels to running trails around Melbourne to enjoy the outdoors and get a long run in. In addition to cooking, you will find Verity making the most of Melbourne’s many café and restaurant offerings with friends and family. As an avid reader, Verity always has a fiction or non-fiction book on the go.

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