Tia Jupi

Executive Assistant & Consultant

Tia is an Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator at Pinnacle Group Australia, with a background in Anthropology and International Studies. Her main areas of interest include cognitive psychology, human behavioural studies and cross-cultural and intercultural communication.

Background and experience:

Tia has completed a Bachelor of International Studies, majoring in Cultural Anthropology. She completed part of her degree in South Korea at Yonsei University, which has further established her passion and interest in cultures and cultural studies. Throughout her career, she has been able to work across many different industries including the non-for-profit, customer service and the medical sector, which has aligned with her desire to work with the wider community in order to create a greater social environment.

Tia possesses a deep understanding of people management, having held prominent positions in event management and office management throughout her career. These roles have allowed her to cultivate extensive relationship-building abilities and develop her problem-solving skills to an impressive degree. Tia approaches her work with an open mind and is always ready to listen and take on new perspectives. Some of her most prominent strengths lie in critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and creativity.

Inspired by:

Tia has a strong passion for travel and thoroughly enjoys discovering new places. She takes pleasure in spending quality time with friends and family, whether it’s catching up over drinks or trying out new restaurants. Additionally, she and her partner share a love for going to the cinema together and watching new movies. She liked to spend time with her little pug Lilly, who she absolutely adores.

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