Leanne Foster


Leanne has over 30 years’ experience in government, health and welfare settings and brings a deep understanding of the challenges and constraints that these working environments can present. She is an Allied Health practitioner and qualified social worker with extensive and diverse experience in leadership and management.

Leanne has worked extensively in the public sector across a range of fields including Child and Family Welfare, Youth Justice, Disability, Information Technology and Health Services. Much of this work has included individual and team development with a focus on staff well-being and engagement as underpinnings of building dynamic and flexible teams.

With a keen interest in process improvement, Leanne has a reputation for creating innovative solutions. With post graduate studies in Health Services Management, she is able to work with health care providers to explore their current practices, identify gaps and risks and then forge new ways ahead.

She is an engaging presenter with a record of maximising use of existing resources to provide best quality services. Drawing on her clinical and managerial expertise, she is able to facilitate conversations that lead to positive change.

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