Josephine Dixon


Josephine is a graduate consultant with a background in psychology. Josephine combines her psychological research and practical experience with creativity to find innovative solutions to problems. Josephine recently completed the Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) at Monash, which has given her the skills and experience needed to excel as a consultant. Her thesis topic provided her with in-depth knowledge and appreciation of COVID-19 and its negative impact on human wellbeing in Australia. In response to this, she also investigated what companies can do to overcome the detrimental effects COVID-19, along with prevention strategies when faced with future pandemics and crises. Here, Josephine found that employee engagement and feelings of job security were significantly impacted by the pandemic, which is something she acknowledges throughout her work.

Josephine has had experience in researching, designing, and delivering projects, where she thoroughly enjoys educating people on issues that matter. Seeing an improvement in a workplace as a reflection of her educating is extremely rewarding and provides her with the motivation to keep up the impactful work. Josephine also appreciates the importance of wellbeing design in the workplace. She is inspired by design everyday which fuels her creativity. This is a unique quality of hers that she can contribute to projects on a regular basis.

Inspired by:

Josephine values the importance of harnessing healthy relationships, so she enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is passionate about design and enjoys travelling, skiing, equestrian, and watching the AFL. Josephine is inspired by the art of happiness, which serves as a constant reminder to enjoy the small things in life.

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