Jessica Pungatara

Senior Consultant

Jess is a Senior Consultant with a strong ability to take the administrative lead and accountability for project work. Jess strives to have a positive social impact on people not only at PGA but external stakeholders and organisations also. Jess strives to bring fresh ideas to current systems in place to further enhance and create more efficient processes, which in turn allows the team to function more efficiently. Jess’ approach to project management is client centered, proactive and well planned. She ensures communication is clear and concise to the client and the broader team at PGA. Her approach to design is to always actively listen and to think outside the box when developing solutions. Jess is our Executive team coordinator extraordinaire and has been managing large mental health programs and ensuring all participants and logistics are in check, ready for our facilitators (including herself) to deliver.

Background and experience:

Jessica has a Graduate Diploma of Psychology at Monash University and has recently completed her honours in Psychology at Monash University and plans to complete a Master in Organisational Psychology. Jessica will be embarking on 2 years of supervised practice to ensure she reflects the required capabilities to be an exceptional psychologist. Jessica has stepped up into a Consultant role bringing an evidence-based approach to her work from her studies. This supports Jessica to underpin her solutions in theoretical knowledge and best practice research.

Inspired by:

Jess enjoys dining out and socialising with friends and family. Her true passion is travelling which allows her to immerse herself in new cultures, make new friends and learn new languages. She enjoys reading any type of genre and loves to get lost in a book. She deeply intrigued by the human mind and looks forward to continuing her psychology journey.

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