Jack Rountree

Principal Consultant

Jack is a Principal Consultant with a background in psychological science. He has completed a Masters degree, specialising in organisational psychology. Jack is passionate about using evidence-based approaches to help people and teams operate at their full potential. Jack takes pride in his ability to effectively analyse, interpret, and communicate data to clients and colleagues to help provide insightful advice and strategies. Jack brings determination and creative thinking to problem-solving, that drive him to continuously search for opportunities to optimise processes.

Background and experience:

Jack has experience in the design, delivery, outcome evaluation, and the introduction of gamified systems to support multi-faceted leadership programs. Jack also has a range of experience in designing team development workshops, delivering feedback and coaching plans using psychometric tools, creating content for mental health well-being groups and evaluating performance in assessment centres.

Jack’s Master’s thesis explored the expression of workplace attitudes through a social media usage, and their relationship to the Big Five traits of Personality. As a consequence of both his university studies and work-experience, Jack developed a keen interest in understanding the impact of leadership and team dynamics, and how these can be leveraged to achieve high performance.

Inspired by:

Jack is passionate about friends, sport, music, science and politics. He spends his weekends exploring new music, playing guitar, or finding gigs to attend across Melbourne. Jack enjoys watching and playing sport, and is a keen follower of the Richmond Football club and the Los Angeles Lakers. In the summer, he loves to get outside and spend time exploring trails on his mountain bike, while in the winter you’ll find him looking for any opportunity to get to the mountains for a weekend of Skiing; all made better when accompanied by good mates. Jack is fascinated with science and politics, and has a keen interest in keeping up to date with new ideas, technology and events, and is always eager to debate ideas. With this combination of a focus on people and learning, Jack seeks to understand and create new strategies to help people achieve individual and team success. This balance enables him to bring his best self to the practice of psychology and promote positive social impact through his work.

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