Ellie Sloan


Ellie is a Consultant who has recently completed a Master’s of Industrial and Organisational Psychology. As a registered psychologist Ellie is motivated to help individuals, teams, and organisations achieve their highest potential at work.

Background and experience:

Ellie’s work experience in organisational development and human resources has crossed the areas of organisational culture, capability and leadership development, performance, and employee relations. Ellie’s Master’s thesis explored the impact leadership language and disclosure of company fraudulent activity has on perceptions of ethical leadership.

With a background in elite sport, Ellie is especially interested in the areas of team development, culture, and collaboration. Ellie’s industry experience coupled with her background in psychological science has allowed her to develop a strong ability to analyse, understand and apply evidence-based and pragmatic solutions for clients to improve their performance. Ellie approaches her work with optimism, care, and curiosity, allowing her to readily adopt new perspectives and guide her search for continual improvement in organisations. Ellie has a strong passion for the field of organisational psychology, where she is driven by the opportunity to have a positive impact and create workplace environments where everyone is able to thrive.

Inspired by:

Personally, Ellie is very passionate about her family, friends, and food, typically spending her weekends with those she cares about over a meal of some description. Ellie also loves getting outdoors either playing sport, going on trail walks or hikes, and is happiest by the beach (or when her footy team is winning).

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