David Eastham

Senior Consultant

David is an experienced Senior Consultant with a strong background in community engagement, strategic planning, customer centric process improvement and service design. He has significant experience in supporting organisations and teams to redefine their strategic direction and use strategic planning frameworks to cascade actions right down to an individual level.

Background and experience:

David brings his experience in process improvement and innovation to business and resource planning to ensure that organisations are considering internal and external influences and identifies improvement opportunities as part of the business planning cycle. Not only does David have experience in identifying these opportunities but can support how the business responds. He has led the design and delivery of organisation wide transformation programs and is a skilled change management practitioner. David is highly skilled in facilitating, with years of diverse experience including community workshops, private sector innovation days and State Government planning days with hundreds of participants. He is passionate about gender equity and has designed and delivered training across various sectors looking to address gender bias in the workplace.

Inspired by:

David is an avid wildlife and nature photographer and passionate about linking photography and creativity to the benefits it has on your mental health and well being. David and his fiance Imelda are the proud parents of 5 rescue sheep, 8 rescue goats and two rescue kelpies out on their farm in the Yarra Valley. David loves trail running and spending time in nature appreciating the simple things.

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