Anthony Sedgley

Research & Project Consultant

Anthony is a Research & Project Consultant at Pinnacle Group Australia, as well as a current PhD student at Monash University. As an experienced researcher, Anthony is skilled at gathering, synthesising, and communicating large bodies of knowledge about complex ideas and topics. His skill for boiling topics down to their most important aspects allows him to generate new approaches and perspectives for the rest of the team.

Background and experience:

Anthony has a significant academic background in psychology and philosophy and is currently pursuing a PhD in Management with the School of Business at Monash University. His PhD research aims to investigate several important theoretical problems in organisational psychology, with the aim of building deeper and more substantial theories of important topics in the field. His earlier studies also involved research into philosophical issues in psychology, including the nature of the psychological contract in workplaces, the relationship between neuroscience and psychology, and issues of power and surveillance in workplaces.

Anthony is a dedicated learner and lifelong student with a broad range of knowledge, and he enjoys using his creative thinking skills to find unexpected solutions to challenging problems. He is skilled in critically analysing theories and ideas, with a particular talent for identifying unanswered questions and suggesting comprehensive solutions.

In his earlier career, Anthony was responsible for several challenging administration management positions. His administrative work is characterised by his attention to the big picture structures affecting administrative processes, and by his ability to redesign and streamline processes to achieve significant improvements in efficiency.

Inspired by:

Anthony is passionate about learning and exploring new ideas. He always has several books on the go at once, and he likes to keep up-to-date about world events, emerging technology, and anything else that catches his attention. In his spare time Anthony trains in muay Thai kickboxing, and he is also learning to sing opera. When he has a moment to spare, he likes to cook, go for long walks, and catch up with local and overseas friends.

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