Executive and Project Coordinator

Lauren is an Executive and Project Coordinator with a background in administration, implementation, and executive assistant support. Lauren thrives working in fast-paced team environments where she can collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, and overall contribute to the happiness and well-being of the company.

Lauren is passionate about providing project and executive support to teams through her organisation and administration skills. Her role at PGA is multifaceted which includes providing direct support to all consultants in the team around preparing workshop packs and materials, research analysis, collating workshop output, and any internal and project related administrative tasks.

Lauren also provides executive support and coordination to the Director utilising agile problem solving skills, proactive diary management and business development coordination. With a “roll your sleeves up” mentality, Lauren considers herself a natural problem solver, always focused on the solution whilst taking a proactive approach. Lauren also has a high level of emotional intelligence and is passionate towards bringing people together. Known for her honest and friendly nature, Lauren strives to be a team member that anyone can rely on in, and is committed to putting her best foot forward on all the projects she is involved in.

Inspired by:

Lauren finds inspiration from years of travelling and looking after her health. She enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, scuba diving, and playing tennis. She tries to live both personally and professionally with an open approach, and is always interested in trying new activities. Lauren also enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


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