PGA presents at the APS Industrial and Organisational Psychology Conference

Pinnacle Group Australia was invited to present a key session at the recent APS 11th Industrial and Organisational Psychology Conference – the lead national conference of its type in Australia. PGA Director, Justin Bown, and Senior Consultant, Katie Berman, facilitated a “How to” session entitled “Building a sense of individual and collective efficacy to sustain health and wellbeing in teams responsible for highly routine tasks”.

This “How to” session was an interactive workshop. It illuminated skills and techniques used by psychologists in the world of work, invited audience participation, and provided a forum for discussing work of an applied nature. We took conference participants on a journey through a real life example from one of our clients. This client’s team was experiencing considerable distress and absence of workplace wellbeing – put simply, there was very little joy in the workplace for this team and the individuals in it. Importantly, the project outcomes have been long-lasting including a return to normal levels of workplace job satisfaction, turn over and sick leave, which are extraordinary outcomes for this team!

PGA provided conference participants with a toolkit of activities and processes for building health, wellbeing and self-efficacy which they could take away and use with their own clients at an individual, team or organisational level.

APS IOP conference – How to session


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