Alice is a consultant with a strong organisational psychology background. Her dynamic nature, quick thinking and ability to work through complex problems, coupled with her ability to authentically connect and build meaningful relationships with others is what differentiates Alice from others in developing and delivering quality solutions for clients.

Background experience

Alice is about to become a registered psychologist with APRHA and completed a Masters in Organisational Psychology at Deakin University in Melbourne, Victoria. Her Master’s thesis and research centred on the importance positive psychology and employee wellbeing play in relation to work engagement and performance. With a strong and practical research background, Alice also has experience in the areas of leadership development, organisational development, psychometric assessment, facilitation, workshop design, team development, employee wellbeing, change management and data analysis.

Inspired by

Alice has a keen interest in the neuropsychology of leadership and performance and how these concepts can be applied in the workplace to enhance performance. Alice has a strong learning mindset and loves to be on top of the latest trends, topics and news. In her down time, living an active life surrounded by family, friends, good food, wine and her dog Louie is what makes Alice the happiest.


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