Established since 2005, Pinnacle Group Australia delivers customised, innovative and enduring solutions that transform organisations and drive long-term success. It is our distinctive expertise in developing strategy, combined with our in-depth knowledge and experience of organisational alignment and leadership development, which gives us our point of difference and positions our clients for success.

We design strategy that results in better decision making, mitigated risk, increased productivity and superior performance. Our experienced team possess strong economic and commercial acumen, analytical rigour and real-life business expertise from a range of sectors and disciplines. Given effective strategy can only be delivered through people, our trained and experienced consultants create people-orientated solutions that unlock individual performance, optimise teams, and transform organisational capability.


We work in collaboration with our clients to produce positive social impact. We strive to build a more prosperous, innovative and meaningful future in which people, organisations and the community can thrive. As a values-based firm, we work to foster the same qualities within our own business. We recruit people who are passionate about creating enduring impact, committed to maintaining a vibrant and healthy workplace, and believe in minimising our impact on the environment and supporting the communities in which we live.


Health and wellbeing at work

Strong evidence shows that good employee health and wellbeing is vital to an organisation’s performance. Given people spend a significant part of their lives at work, Pinnacle Group Australia is committed to building an engaged, resilient, healthy and happy workplace. We take an evidence-based approach by actively measuring our employee health and wellbeing. We identify the core issues and actively implement a measurable health and wellbeing program that is focused on the individual, team and organisation.


Environmental action

We are committed to actively minimising our impact on the environment and fundamentally believe that action must ‘begin at home’. It is for this reason that we have taken a number of initiatives including:

  • Installing highly efficient LED lights throughout our office to minimise electricity consumption
  • Using renewable electricity (GreenPower)
  • Offsetting the emissions associated with our business through UN certified carbon credits
  • Using recycled materials wherever possible to fit out and furnish our office
  • Ensuring that all paper, cardboard, plastic and printer toner cartridges used are recycled and procured from sustainable sources

We also seek to work with our clients in the natural, as well as the built, environment as we believe this can harness new perspectives, creativity and a greater appreciation of our natural surrounds.



We pursue positive and meaningful impact and focus on tackling issues that matter.


We have exacting quality standards to deliver enduring solutions and are uncompromising in achieving them.


We believe that respect, trust and authenticity are integral to everything we do.


We build long-term relationships founded on inclusiveness, transparency and collaboration.


We want people to flourish and reach their potential.


Pinnacle Group Australia partners with a range of organisations to augment and enhance our consulting services. Our key partners include:



Metrus Group enables clients to achieve superior, measurable results through the development of People Equity—Alignment, Capabilities and Engagement—and the creation of a high performance culture.  They offer strategic, customised survey capability which enables clients to identify, and address, the issues which will have the greatest impact on their business performance. Together, Metrus and Pinnacle Group are able to produce high-quality surveys,  data analysis and produce insights through analytics.


Postive brain training logo

Positive Brain Training conducts applied brain research for organisations, develops brain training applications and performance enhancing neuromodulation protocols. For individuals, positive brain training provides personal coaching for brain, mind and body bringing together their combined knowledge in the psychology and neuroscience of peak performance in order to maximize their personal skills. Pinnacle and Positive Brain Training work together to bring cutting-edge neuroscience research, particularly related to brain elasticity and emotional intelligence, into the wider business world to create more impactful leaders.




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